Photo 101 extra

Photo 101 Mars 2015 och altervativa bilder till de dagliga teman publicerade på min blogg
Street 2  alt v 1    f rom here one can se the little street behind the dog. The perspective is higher than in the one publisched Street 3  alt v  2    This street is passing our house. The heavy rains make it to a stream of water. Bliss 2  alt v 1. A calm breakfast with one of the two dogs. I have backed a bit. solityde 3  alt v 1  an  abandoned house. But here are other houses just behind. where people lives.
Solityde 2  alt v 2  An isolated tomb hiding in the grass Big 2  alt v 1   The foot of a big advertisement pillar. Just beside the big road between Brazzaville and the port Pointe Noire and at Nganga Lingolo. The people behind are selling mobilecredit. They are there all the day long Natural world 2  alt v1 We are establishing a small garden in the yard. We will also make an outdor place there. Example of leading lines.